Monday, July 8, 2013

Arriving in Palmarejo, Praia


Hi there,

This week has been a race.  On Monday after I emailed I ran home and jumped in a taxi (and forgot my suit on São Vicente of course) and went to the airport with Elder Zandamela from Mozambique. We waited a while and while we were waiting we noticed on our tickets that we had an hour layover in Sal, but then our flight was more than an hour late to take off.  When we landed in Sal, Elder Zandamela and I (still thinking we had an hour) went and got a snack and were just sitting down to eat when I felt the impression to check our flight time.  I looked at our tickets and saw that the plane was scheduled to leave five minutes before.  We grabbed our things and sprinted across the little airport.  The woman at the gate saw us down the hall and extended one arm and then one finger and then curled it in.  A gesture that said, I think better than words could, "you are very late and I am wildly unhappy about it."  But we made our flight.  And who happened to be sitting right in front of me on the plane?  Elder Camargo.  We talked the whole flight.  It was great.  I miss that guy.

But my new companion, Elder Lopez, is incredible.  He is from Texas and is Mexican so his Portuguese has some thick Spanish influences in it sometimes, but it helps him understand better, so it is sometimes really useful to have him with me when I can't understand something. He is way taller than me and very quiet, but when we are alone in the house we have some great conversations and he gets pretty chatty and funny.  Just this morning we divided all of the elders and sisters in our mission into the four Hogwarts Houses.  It was hilarious.

Our area is wonderful.  I'm in a place called Palmarejo in the city of Praia.  The people here smile so much.  Maybe life is easier for them (I sincerely doubt that) or maybe they know something that other people in the world seem to not know, but they smile and are a happy people.  I am truly enjoying it.  I have taken some pictures, but I don't have a converter for my memory card so I can't send any today.

Last thing for today:  There are two young men from my ward who are going to Brazil, on the same day, to the Brazil São Paulo East Mission.  We took a picture together and I am going to send it to my old mission president.  What an incredible tender mercy from the Lord.  We have such a good God. He truly loves us.


Elder Bushman

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