Monday, July 15, 2013

Coming Home


Dear Family and Friends,

I am coming home, but it is okay.  I have been feeling like I would be returning for several weeks.  Not in a "man I really could go home" kind of way, but much more in a "The Lord has allowed me to spend some time here to learn and grow but this is not where I am meant to remain" way.  I am completely at peace with everything.  

As soon as I saw President Oliveira's name on our cell phone display I knew I was going home right away.  I've been ready for it for weeks (as I mentioned before).  President did hint that the church will try to find some way that I can serve from home without the terrible pain in my knees, and knowing that they will try, even if they don't find anything, means a lot to me.

I am so pleased to be coming home.  Not because I'm quitting, but because in the last weeks I worked harder - and suffered more deeply - than I ever have before because I wanted to prove to the Lord and myself, that I may stand with confidence before my leaders, my family, and my God, that I could not have done any more to receive a miracle and this truly is the Lord's will.  Through this whole process all I have wanted is to submit humbly so that the Lord may bless me in whatever manner He best sees fit.  My heart hurts that I am leaving, but I am so pleased to be able to see my wonderful family that I love so dearly again sooner than expected.

I am so grateful for your loving and heartfelt prayers.  I have felt them for weeks and I know that they will always stay with me.

I have learned a few things here that I wish to leave as a last thought from Cabo Verde:  First, I can walk on the deep waters of trial with the Lord at my side and I challenge you all to gain the faith to do the same.  Second, every tear we cry because of sadness or pain will be replaced by 10 tears of joy in the future (whether in this life or the next).  Third and finally, the Lord is in the details of our lives and will never leave us alone.  It is us that abandons Him.  I pray that we never let that happen.



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  1. Love you Drew!
    what you have learned is what matters, not many learn what you have learned in such a limited time on your mission; if at all.
    you have made such noble choices. that action is what enables us to be 'chosen'. we continue to do the choosing, all our lives. as you continue in the mindset that you have discovered through your faithfulness, even the hidden treasures, your strenght will soar, your confidence will wax strong, and you will be called up. the Lord will continue to show himself to you, and eventualy the Father.
    we are excited to see you and will await your homecoming! Safe journey Drew.